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Et Flora greatest beauty and gifts from Him




Flowers are a form naturally chosen, especially for women for they are romantically related with them. Flowers can be the symbol of love, the symbol of peace and good, the symbol of joy and the symbol of all of man's deepest sentimental nuances. As a subject, the 'matter' Is obvious. Transparency of aquarelle techniques enables the erections of sensations previously unrecognised when different colours overlap. It becomes an experience which, recognized or not, reflects and fulfills the meaning of 'passion'. The passion that comes cut a 'room' of spiritual awareness, which is recently reopened, The passion comes out of the spirit. A passion which has a pure and clean power of life, shining, and getting brighter all the time. This brightness shines and reveals all mysteries and hidden secrets. Devine light, which comes from inside the flowers, like Flowers from the Garden of Eden, which makes the good and bad make peace in a holy and joyful