She was seeking, seeking for a higher purpose in life as many accomplishers will contemplate once a plateau of performance has been achieved. She sought to live that proverbial cliche: the next mountain to climb, the next limit to reach, the next frontier to cross. Such is the storyline of Sasya at this stage of her career and at this stage of her purpose-driven life. This time Sasya is testing where few forerunners in the field of watercolor pointing have managed to seize: to have the full command and total cooperation of watercolor when mixed and applied on canvas. These two just do not co-exist easily. Sasya is going to change all that.

Watercolor techniques have the reputation of being quite demanding, both of the artist's true skill and of the artist's true commitment to this medium. Sasya takes as the next frontier to cross.

Traditionally, watercolor paint is applied with brushes on paper or mixed with other materials usually acrylic or collage. One is said to have the proficiency in this school of painting when the object of the painting comes to life sparkling bright with freshness and clarity of color. These traits just do not lie and they do not hide. The object simply sparks or fails to spark, goes bright or just stay dim. They are transparent, and maintaining that a high quality of these transparent characteristics is typically the most difficult properties to achieve. Testing these values on canvass with the watercolor materials remains a frontier many experienced artists would prefer not to challenge.

The display of her artworks by the Four Season in Jakarta will allow her critics and her admirers and friends to see whether she has managed to climb over those proverbial mountains in flying next frontier to cross colors. Sasya believes, no matter how the audience shall pass the judgment, she has been rewarded with that sheer thrill of accomplishing this exhibition and along with that, she can sense the spiritual discovery of her purpose-driven life with every passing moment approaching the day the exhibition shall begin.

  Long and Lasting Love 2004 Watercolor on Canvas Collection of Nia Satinastiti

Long and Lasting Love
Watercolor on Canvas
Collection of Nia Satinastiti


Through this episode of her life, Sasya wins her own self acclamation, proclaiming God instilled her with that inner peace and godly prompting that she is and she should continue to pursue her life as an artist. She found closure that it is not by her own might nor by her own power out by the might of the Holy Spirit and the power of the Father God that has enabled her to travel this far in this game. In a country like Indonesia that is yet to appreciate its indigenous full-time artists, such a spiritual closure is indeed a heavenly reservoir of strength sustaining the artist in many difficult, swaying times.

Sasya is not immune to this swaying power of self-doubts despite a background of silver-spoon support from her family and a free reign to choose her line of career from her mother, Dr. Retno LS. Tranggono, herself a highly respected, self-made successful businesswoman of her own right. The mother has the confidence in Sasya knowing that o graduate of Industrial Engineer in Operation Research from the Smith College of Engineering, University of Syracuse, New York, and an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, should be quite intelligently accountable to the choice of her own career. It is that trust in her from the family that makes Sasya even more passionate to go beyond a surviving paint-artist.

"Taking on watercolor against canvas is technically more challenging, the true test is in the patience of a painstaking, months-long process of layering the row canvas with [usually] lead-white paint, then polishing the surface, and then repeating. That's a lot of patience and through this process, which often I wish I quit, I found the source of my strength, and that is in Him, the supplier of patience."

Now that she has found this, she knows that she has received on enlightenment from her Highest Master, as well as the specific professional insight to develop herself in something that is still new in this world of art: to use water color as her media an huge canvas instead on paper. In commercial term, may be the Lord will lead her to establish her distinguishing, competitive edge in this field that competitors of lesser commitment will find it almost impossible to replicate.

Day in day out, the wise words from the Biblical verses nourished her steady diet of spiritual food intake. She grew ever more passionate about her newfound love in watercolor on canvas. She devoted her whole life to Him. Her beautiful watercolour is the gift what He has given her, o vessel for her to express her feelings and to show her willingness to serve Him. Flowers are the images that flash in her mind and she splashed them out all over the canvases. Hence, the flowers of Eden on the wall of the Four Season.

I guess I somehow hove discovered the secret to draw the pointing to come to life, to bring its brightness, sparkle, freshness, and clarity of color to my own viewing pleasure. The passion of o merry heart discovering the love of the Lord in my life somehow got spilled all over the canvass. When you know you ore in that sweet spot with the Lord's grace overwhelming you, everything you touch or brush will just go sparkling, bright, fresh, and oh yes, they come in Technicolor clarity."

Her Painter's career is beginning a new dimension and the watercolor on canvas may well be that 6-degree of separation which may lift her from o promising to o great watercolor artist of our time. And, at a time of this writing when Jakarta is screening the box office Russell Crowe's Cinderela man, Indonesia may well be looking at its own Cinderella Girl in the making in watercolor pointing. Sasya started every bit an underdog like Crowe was in the Cinderella Man. Both, however relying on their trust in the gritty pieties of faith, family, and personal re-invention to go beyond the next frontier. We all hope for her that she will find her deep and ever-lasting happiness and contentment together with her beloved ten-years old son, Nicholas Hilman.








Written by Dino Sukendro & Etty Soepomo

                Born on December 25, 1963 in Jakarta.

Smith College of Engineering, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA [B.Sc: 1987]
Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University, The Netherlands [MBA: 1991]
Joined art workshop
Vrije Academie Rotterdam, The Netherlands [1995] 
Te Werve Shell Art Club, The Hogue, The Netherlands [1995]